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SoleM8 Boots

Go Anywhere with your SoleM8

SoleM8 is bringing fun back to rainy days. We want you to be excited when it rains or when your adventures take you off the beaten track into muddy fields and splashy puddles.

No more boring black boots. Be UNIQUE, STAND out from the crowd, LIVE your life and BREATHE adventure with every step. SoleM8 adult rainwear will make you want to go out and explore the limits of your imagination

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Great Boots

Grow on Trees

We believe products should combine great materials and great design. Great Design is that cool building you walk past every day, the cars that stand out from the crowd, Your favourite jumper.

Our designers build waterproof boots from natural rubber grown on trees in fields, not plastic heated in some laboratory. It lasts longer when you treat it right. We combine these quality materials with design that stands out from the crowd. Not black or green with no design. We take that extra step and your feet get noticed and it starts a conversation, and who knows where that may lead.

SoleM8 is about limited edition funky boots made mainly out of natural materials that literally grow on trees

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